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Reducing Stress, Protecting Rights In Family Law

Going through divorce is fraught with emotional challenges and uncertainty about what the future will look like. Whether you have relatively modest means or have a family home, a farm, retirement accounts and other assets, you are likely concerned about financial stability. Parents frequently struggle with disagreements over what will serve the best interests of the kids. With emotions running high, it can be difficult to move forward. At Bernatz & Van Beek in Winona, we believe that your attorney should not add to your emotional strife.

Focused On The Goal To Achieve The Best Outcome Possible

In every family law matter, we focus on the ultimate goal every step of the way. We help men and women through this difficult time to get to a brighter tomorrow. To that end, we will listen attentively to your goals and concerns to craft the best strategies to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. Our lawyers strive to give straightforward answers to family law questions to allow our clients to make informed decisions.

We are fully prepared to protect your rights, while seeking to efficiently resolve problems to reduce the emotional and financial toll associated with your dissolution of marriage, including:

  • Fairly resolving property division disputes
  • Focusing on the well-being of the children in child custody, parenting time and visitation matters
  • Solving unfair child support conflicts that do not serve the best interests of the children
  • Addressing domestic violence allegations, including order for protection matters

We strive to take the most direct approach possible. Reducing stress without protracted litigation often results in a more favorable outcome. Settling conflicts in divorce often allows men and women to retain more control over the outcome than placing the dispute in the hands of a judge. Through early preparation for trial, we are able to build a strong position. We leverage that strength in negotiations. When the opposing party is unwilling to settle reasonably, our lawyers have the courtroom skills to aggressively safeguard our clients’ rights.

Ease Your Anxiety With One Phone Call

To learn more about how our no-nonsense approach to solving family law problems can be your advantage in getting to a better tomorrow, send us an email now or call 507-205-9363. We represent clients in Winona, Wabasha and Houston counties and nearby areas of southern Minnesota.

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